concurso “La ingeniería en tus manos”

ingenieriaUna actividad que pretende acercar a los estudiantes de bachillerato al mundo de la tecnología y de la ingeniería, con el objetivo de fomentar el interés y la vocación por estas carreras universitarias en general y en particular por estudiarlas en nuestra Escuela. También queremos que experimenten por sí mismos el trabajo que desempeñan los ingenieros, ayudándoles a descubrir la aplicación de sus conocimientos de física, matemáticas y tecnología a un proyecto real. Te presento el concurso “La ingeniería en tus manos” en el que, guiados desde la Escuela, los jóvenes desarrollarán un proyecto de ingeniería a lo largo de todo el curso, desde la fase de planificación y diseño, hasta la construcción ! y experim entación.
Esta actividad ha sido concebida en colaboración con un grupo de profesores, alumnos y personal de la Escuela a lo largo del curso pasado. Si estás interesado en el proyecto te animo a colaborar con nosotros en la medida que consideres y también, por qué no, si tienes hijos/as estudiando bachillerato, animar a su colegio e instituto a la participación.

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Work Experience For Your Students This Term

We are delighted to announce our autumn term schedule of work experience programmes for students aged 15-18.

Throughout November and December, seasoned professionals from the world of Investment Banking, Medicine, Engineering, Law, Politics, and Journalism will coach ambitious young minds through an inspirational journey of interactive simulations and engaging content; giving them a 360-degree experience of some of the world’s most desirable careers.

More than 20,000 students from 71 different countries have visited some of the UK’s most prestigious universities for an InvestIN programme. These programmes are a unique opportunity for your students to:

– Gain invaluable professional experience under the guidance of high-achieving executives;
– Meet accomplished role models and make long-lasting contacts;
– Receive detailed coaching on how to fulfil their career ambitions, starting now;
– Include something outstanding in their UCAS forms and CVs...

The Young Doctor Programme:
King’s College London: 11th November
University of Manchester: 2nd December 

The Young Investment Banker Programme:
UCL: 18th November
University of Manchester: 25th November

The Young Politician Programme:
UCL: 18th November

The Young Lawyer Programme: 
UCL: 25th November
University of Manchester: 9th December

The Young Journalist Programme:
UCL: 2nd December 

The Young Engineer Programme:
University of Manchester: 8th December
Imperial College: 9th December

Links to each programme page are set out above.Programme pages include detailed timetables of exactly what students will experience and gain. Students can also register their places by clicking on those links. 

We kindly request that you forward this email to students who will be interested.

We expect to be fully-booked for The Young Doctor, Young Investment Banker, and Young Lawyer Programmes by October 12th.

We would love to hear from you with any questions. Please contact us at or +44 (0) 203 915 1420

Free applications

Dear Marina Duque De Mulvihill,

It’s that time of year again!  We opened our application on August 1.  I would like to offer your students a chance to apply for admission with a fee waiver code.  Students must complete and submit the application before the codes expires on November 15, 2018.  Instead of paying the $35 fee at the end of the application, they must insert the application fee waiver code GOLDEN. We can typically provide a decision within a week of receiving the transcript and test scores.

More than 80% of Kutztown University students receive financial aid. We offer more than 500 awards based on a variety of different criteria to make a quality education within reach.  There is no separate scholarship application.  All students who are admitted are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships.  These scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is best to utilize our rolling admissions process to its full potential and apply early!  For a complete listing of scholarships, please visit

The most important part of the college search process is the college visit.  We invite your students and parents to join us for one of our Fall Open House programs.  Please encourage your students to explore KU at one of these events to learn why It’s Good to be Golden!

I look forward to working with you and your students during the upcoming academic year.  Please feel free to reach out to me at any point with questions.


Laura Fahy-Leo
Interim Director of Admissions
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Office of Admissions | PO Box 730 | Kutztown Pa. 19530
Phone: 610-683-4060 | Fax:  610-683-1375